Condiciones generales

 General conditions of reservation and stay
1. Only the present conditions govern the bookings and the stays with our hotel as well as the methods of payment of our services.
2. The conditions of stay and security as well as the services offered are described in our brochures and posters in the rooms. All information and prices communicated are based on our current rates. The date of their validity is mentioned on the tariff.
3. Reservations made by the customer must be confirmed by letter, e-mail or telefax. Individual bookings confirmed by the hotel that do not specify the time of arrival are guaranteed until 18:00 on the day of arrival. Options granted by the hotel that have not been confirmed by customer in an 8 day detail are automatically terminated.
4. The list of participants must reach the hotel at least fifteen days before the arrival date. Unless otherwise agreed. The hotel reserves the right to accommodate the participants or to install a meeting room in the rooms or rooms of their choice. For the billing is considered as customer the natural or legal person to whom the confirmation has been sent.
5. An identity document must be presented by any person upon arrival.
6. The cost of stay or service is payable upon the release of the room on the day of departure from the hotel. When staying longer than eight days.
 The hotel reserves the right to demand payment per week. Failure by the customer to pay the amount claimed within 24 hours will be considered serious misconduct which authorizes the hotel to immediately terminate the contract without prejudice to claim damages from the client if it takes place. Invoices sent by mail to the customer are payable within 15 days.
Invoices relating to a group stay are payable before the departure of the group.
In case of payment by voucher 1 voucher, the balance due will be paid upon receipt of the invoice.
7. Any late payment entails the debits by right and without notice of a lump sum and irreducible compensation equal to 15% with a minimum of 50 € and an interest calculated at the rate of 10% per year from the date of the billing.
8. In case of cancellation of an individual booking less than 48 hours before the hour of arrival the price of the night due as fixed and irreducible compensation, if the room could not be re-rented.
The cancellation of a group booking or seminar results in the debut of an allowance calculated as follows:
45 to 31 days before the arrival date: 40%
30 to 15 days before the arrival date: 50%
14 to 8 days before the arrival date: 60%
-7 to 2 days with arrival date: 75%
- Less than 2 days before the arrival date: 100%
In case of relocation of the rooms or rooms concerned, in whole or in part the compensation will be calculated only on the credit of rooms or rooms not re-rented.
9. Claims for deterioration, destruction or removal of objects brought to the hotel must be notified immediately and no later than the date of end of stay to the hotel manager, who will draw up a report signed by the hotel. customer.
10. Belgian law is applicable for any action for payment and for any dispute between the parties. Only the courts of Brussels are competent,